Welcome to the website.


This site is created for my ego, and the use of my family. Each one of them, is a blessing to my amazing wife ( Rebecca ) and I. 

Three daughters, three different personalities, different ideas, different likes, and dislikes. Yet each one of them is extremely loved and cherished by us.

We are a family, in today's world that can be defined in many growing and changing ways. Our's is simply defined as a traditional family, a mother and father. How you define your's is up to you, but the word family is the key, a group of people held together by a common bond. Be it blood, community or social norms, define your family as you would, as long as it is build on a loving platform, and a genuine care and compassion for the members in your family.

This page isn't here to judge anyone, or the be judged by anyone, it is for the use and support of my family, my wife, my daughters and me. Beyond that, there is no scope or agenda.

Sit back, and enjoy what you see, what you might hear or read. It is free form, like the life we lead.